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Baaba Jakeh Chande


Rockston Studio

Rockston was founded in 1985 by Lutanda Mwamba, veteran printmaker, sculptor and painter. Lutanda got his inspiration from prints made by an other veteran artist, Patrick Mwemba, at the time he worked as a gallery assistant at Mpapa gallery. Read more >>>
Endangered species V, white marble



Lost in time found in Space © Chande


Celebration © Chande


Setting it off 1 © Chande


Setting it off 2 © Chande


Dressing Trees 1, 2005 together with Norman O'Flynn


Dressing Trees 2, 2005 together with Norman O'Flynn

My artistic production currently ranges from performance to site-specific installations, environmental works and sculpture. Recent work, performances in particular is influenced by change, the contrasts and similarities I encounter in the two lifestyles I have, Zambian and Finnish. I use materials that are directly connected to daily human life to evoke memories around personal or collective histories, tragedies and hopes. My body and dreadlocks are the embodiment of my life but I also use them as framework for playing with the notions of transfiguration and identity, at the same time, the creative dimension of performance becomes a permissive instrument for communication.

Baaba Jakeh Chande sculptures, read more >>>
Norman O'Flynn, read more >>>

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