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Set Your Show

We are proud to invite artists from different part of the World to join Art Gallery KekeTop.
Particularly Artists from the Middle East, India, Latin America and Africa are welcome.

Online Art Gallery Myllypuro Archives








Favoretto, painter from Rio de Janeiro Brazil Gallery Favoretto
Marja-Leena Valkola from Espoo Finland Gallery Valkola
Jukka Nopsanen Gallery Nopsanen
Alpheus Mvula from Windhoek Namibia go >>>
Baaba Jakeh Chande from Lusaka Zambia go >>>
Reijo Saarelainen new paintings on wooden block go >>>
Norman O'Flynn paintings and sculptures go >>>
Jill Trappler at Orange street studio Cape Town go >>>
KiA Winqvist go >>>
Suvi Rannikko go >>>
Liza Grobler from Cape Town go >>>
Jeanne Hoffman from Cape Town go >>>
Hannu Sillanpää go >>>
Sibyll Kalff. The Artist of the Month in September 08. Tent in the Sky go >>>

Päivi Sirén


Keveydestä 2008 pigmentti, matta-akryylimedium ja lyijykynä kankaalle 110 cm x 120cm

Reijo Saarelainen

© Saarelainen oil painting on wooden block

Hannah Paton Visual Artist from Parys South Africa. Gallery Paton >>>

Helka Immonen Finnish painter Helka Immonen has developed her personal abstract expression. Gallery Immonen. Find more >>>

Jukka Lappalainen Painter living and working in Helsinki. Gallery Lappalainen Find more. >>>

Karina Carrescia Painter from Buenos Aires Argentina. Gallery Carrescia Find more. >>>

KekeTop "Marginal slope" is a series of virtual sculptures and manipulated photos by KekeTop. In this series KekeTop uses images of well-known persons and places putting some new elements into the original. Gallery KekeTop Jump to. >>>

Pirkko Rantatorikka Visual artist, painter and photographer, living and working in Helsinki Finland. Online Art Gallery Rantatorikka shows her recent works of art. Gallery Rantatorikka . >>>

Antero Kahila Antero Kahila works with multiple media, alluding to particle physics and fractal models in his work. In his paintings, he dislocates the conventional notions of space and time we are accustomed to reading in perspective painting and classical narratives.. Gallery Kahila His works are simultaneously internal and external. >>>

Paavo Kauramäki Finnish artist, painter and printmaker Paavo Kauramäki, born in Helsinki 1929, was among those artists who moved in to the Myllypuro Artist Village in September 1973. Since then he has been one of the leading forces in our society, always bringing the good spirit. Gallery Kauramäki During 1970-90 Paavo Kauramäki worked as the leading colour designer in the Tikkurila Colour Industry. >>>

Kirsi Tiittanen I have been working since 1994 influenced by Finnish and Japanese nature and gardens, specially architectural drawings and details from old Japanese temples and folkhouses wooden architecture using painting, artgraphigues, photograph and digitalprinting tecniques on different materials. Gallery Tiittanen >>> Throught my artworks which based on documentation I want to show private and common meanings by existence before and now. >>>

KekeTop Marginal Slope artworks >>>

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