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KekeTop Art Gallery QueQue


Set Your Show

We are proud to invite artists from different parts of the World to join the Art Gallery KekeTop.
Particularly Artists from the Middle East, India, Latin America and Africa are welcome.
Online Art Gallery Myllypuro Archives

image © KekeTop 2005 from series "Marginal slope - Arte grassa"

New KekeTop photos


Mask © image KekeTop 2010. New KekeTop photos at

KekeTop hits EMMA Espoo Modern Art Museum


Starring the Hate

Sibyll Kalff

Sibyll Kalff is the Artist of the Month of September 08 in Gallery KekeTop find more >>>

KekeTop hits the Helsinki Festival 2007


KekeTop performing with Collectif AOC: Question de Directions >>>
La réponse est la manière de KékéTop read more >>>

KekeTop hits 52nd Biennale di Venezia


You should be relaxed and abort Art after You read this © KekeTop 2007 Find more hits in Venice go >>>
Unsubstantial Art! + Immaterial Images! + Incorporeal Objects! = Unactual Damage!. find more >>>
Pensa con i denti - Senti con mal di denti. L’arte al spazzolino da denti. legga più >>>

Unknown Artist

Where are my Tits? © Unknown Artist

Gallery KekeTop | QueQue Art Project

Gallery KekeTop is an artist based Art Gallery on the web.
KekeTop is multimedia artist, painter, photographer, web artist etc. KekeTop >>>

KekeTop in India

Global Arts Village in New Delhi India is a very interesting place to stay, work and from where one can explore Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh easily.
KekeTop spend there some weeks with his camera, You can find KekeTop India Suite photos clicking here >>>

KekeTop Photos - Africa Suite

KekeTop has participated several International Artists Workshop and worked as quest Artist in some African countries.
Find KekeTop Africa Suite photos here >>>

KekeTop - Marginal slope

Marginal slope is a series of art works made with different medias. Find more >>>
KekeTop hits Estonia. Find more >>>
KekeTop hits 52nd Biennale di Venezia. Find more >>>
KekeTop hits 51st Biennale di Venezia. Find more >>>

Nonexistent Art! Immaterial Images! Immaterial Damage!
KekeTop hits 52nd Biennale di Venezia "New Jerk" © KekeTop 2007
Find more KekeTop hits in Venice go >>>

Norman O'Flynn

Clash Of The Titans collage 82x57cm_2006

Visual Artist Norman O'Flynn is the Artist of the Month in July 07, find more >>>
Visual Artist Baaba Jakeh Chande is the Artist of the Month in June 07, find more >>>
Visual Artist Alpheus Mvula is the Artist of the Month in May 07, find more >>>
Photographer Hannah Paton is the Artist of the Month in March 07, find more >>>


BIDOUN was created as a platform for ideas and an open forum for exchange, dialogue and opinions about arts and culture from the Middle East. Find more >>>

Nomad Academy

Nomad Academy is a network consisting of artists, architects, poets and scholars. Find more >>>

The Roberto Cimetta Fund

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is an international association promoting artistic exchange and the mobility of professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and visual arts within the Mediterranean area. Read more >>>

KekeTop Africa Project

Hi! You who have travel or work experiencies in Africa. Do You like to share your story on KekeTop websites? Read more >>

Finnish Artists Meet some very fine Finnish Artists and Artists from Myllypuro Artists Village in Helsinki. Finnish Artists Find more. >>>

Middle East Artists Meet Artists from the Middle East countries. Middle East Artists Jordan Egypt etc. >>>

African Artists Meet some very fine Artists from Africa around. Gallery African Artists
Find also travelers experiences from different African countries.
Jump to the KekeTop Africa project >>>

Latin America Artists Visual Artists from Latin America. Gallery Latin America Artists Find more. >>>

Indian Artists Visual Artists from India. Gallery Indian Artists >>> Find more. >>>

KekeTop Marginal Slope KekeTop Marginal Slope artworks >>>

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