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Mengele style focused treatment in Finland     E-mail

nurse source HS 

Today Finland is famous of its murder nurses and fake physicians. Trial of nurse accused of multiple murders begins. Investigation launched by suspicions of elderly woman that she had been poisoned. HS read more »

The confused prescriptions written in Karjaa by fake doctor Mika Jokinen, did not ring any alarm bells because the local pharmacy had grown used to strange prescriptions. Jokinen successfully posed as a doctor in Karjaa and Karkkila although he never studied medicine. HS read more »

Is this all an exsample of living Mengele spirit in Finland or just Finnish design? Who cares. Buy Aalto Vase. Do You?

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Happy New Year Kosovar Albanian Santa Claus     E-mail

ibrahim source HS

Santa Claus News and Rumors - Ibrahim Shkupolli a 43-year-old Kosovar Albanian who had been living in Finland since 1990 is suspected of having shot and killed five people on Thursday morning, including four at an Espoo shopping mall in Finland.

First reports indicated that three men and one woman were killed at the mall.
A fifth victim was later found at a private apartment in Leppävaara, and is believed to be the gunman's 42-year-old ex-girlfriend.
She was employed at the Prisma supermarket in Sello, and is thought to have been the primary target. As yet it is unclear whether she was killed before or after the four persons at the mall.
A restraining order had earlier been imposed on Shkupolli with regard to this woman, after he had allegedly threatened to kill her. The court order covered both her home and her place of work at Prisma.
The gunman was also apparently married to a woman of Albanian background, with whom he had a family.

Have fun have gun go Kosovar Albanian Santa Claus way. Kill kill kill. Read more HS »

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Happy Birthday Jesus Christ     E-mail

2 more Irish bishops quit over Dublin child abuse report.

DUBLIN – Two Roman Catholic bishops in Ireland resigned on Christmas Day in the wake of a damning investigation into decades of church cover-up of child abuse in the Dublin archdiocese.

Dublin Bishops Eamonn Walsh and Ray Field offered an apology to child-abuse victims as they announced their resignations during Christmas Mass. Priests read the statement to worshippers throughout the archdiocese, home to a quarter of Ireland's 4 million Catholics.

Earlier this month two other bishops, Donal Murray of Limerick and Jim Moriarty of Kildare, quit following the Nov. 26 publication of a three-year investigation into why so many abusive Dublin priests escaped justice for so long.

The government-ordered investigation found that Dublin church leaders spent decades shielding more than 170 pedophile priests from the law. They began providing information to police only in 1995 — but continued to keep secret, until 2004, many files and other records of reported abuse.

In a joint statement Walsh and Field said they hoped their resignations "may help to bring the peace and reconciliation of Jesus Christ to the victims (and) survivors of child sexual abuse. We again apologize to them."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have so bravely spoken out and those who continue to suffer in silence," the bishops' statement said. Read more »

Report by Commission of Investigation into the handling by Church and State authorities of allegations and suspicions of child abuse against clerics of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. Read more » 

Merry Christmas and happy Birthday Day imaginary Icon Jesus Christ. Rumptube tunes Art from this and that including Catholic Church.

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What a Mess Horny Woman Knocks Pope Down     E-mail

What a Mess. Horny Woman Knocks Pope Down During Christmas Eve Mass.

VATICAN CITY Rumors -- A horny woman jumped the barriers in St. Peter's Basilica and knocked down Pope Benedict XVI as he walked down the main aisle to begin Christmas Eve Mass on Thursday. Horny woman tried to get laid riding shaking on Pope Benedict XVI. Wau. She's the Bitch. What a hot-tempered Christmas present.

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Merry Christmas     E-mail


Negro Santa says Merry Christmas to all Herds. Tuned Christmas Card by artist Brokeback Shields. Feel free to share. Santa says MC Tiger Woods Eminem P Diddy Ray J Snoop Dogg Charles Barkley Madonna Michael Jordan Kim Kardashian Donald Trump Rudolph Giuliani New York Daily Telegraph ». Artist Brokeback Shields home site 

Send free Brokeback Shields eCard eChristmas Card to Your Friend or Enemy. Send eCard »

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