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Finally I can see the Light of the Greece Butt in Crisis   E-mail
Friday, 27 May 2011 06:50


Yeah butt no butt yeah butt no butt but yeah butt. Finally I can see the Greece Financial Crisis Butt Lights rising on the Horizon. Is this real or delusion? Who cares but the butt is Yeah Butt No Butt and it did not cost too much money. We are the Champions of the Year 2011. Hallelujah. My Butt is not in Crisis yeah Butt.


Is a Greek default so bad for Greece? Or to my Greek Butt. I do not think so. What do You say pall? Read more »

Snuff films are hot stuff in the White House   E-mail


"Natural Born Killer" Snuff films are just hottest fashion in Washington USA now. A certain Snuff Film Fun Club ring has taken place in the White House watching "Geronimo-E KIA" Snuff stuff loop since 2011 first of May. While some people say Snuff films are shady the other say Yeah Yankee go go. "Geronimo-E KIA" Snuff film is certainly worth of the Noble Cultural Prize for the Noble Peace prize-winning noble man. To be or not to be Snuff. Cod bliss America. Auguri.

Just Weggies   E-mail


Just Weggies Will and Kate. Drive me hard into the wild FuckingHam Palace You porky Pilot.


Bro Sista this is incredible   E-mail


Bro Sista now I am speechless. What the Hell is going on in Libya and North Africa and Arab World. Revolutions etc shit those people have ruined our plan and killed kicked out our Friends proper Leaders of Oil producing countries. Shit.

We have invested tons of Dollars to ruin nations and harm peoples life all over the Globe. And what is the result. Nothing or very costy war there and there. And now those arabs make revolutions from a country to another without our permission money and help. And they, funny bathrobed arabs are successful in revolution business!! What is this shit all about? Tell me. Are those arabs all communists? Is this a commie gag? Tell me Hillary, ah, give me 2 painkillers and a glass of hot milk. I need a smoke Hillary.

It is the size of the Leader's private thing that matters   E-mail


People allover the World. Let me put my words clear and speak to You. Face to face. Now I will show you all the size of my private thing, my power joystick. So to say. Read my fingers. The Size of Muammar Gaddafi is between my thumb and forefinger. Well I am the man as You can see. I have a jerky friend in Italy called Silvio Berlusconi who has smaller thing than I have. Small man small rod. Yeah thats the Truth. Silvio's scoglioni are smaller than I show You now and he still acts bunga bunga. What in Earth You are going to do with me. Play with my scoglioni? I do not know what is happening here in Tripoli Libya.


Those two older jerks above are past believe me. Let me speaks frankly to You. Honestly this is my size am showing you. Please read my fingers. And the size of my private thing is something bigger than Muammar have. So I was thinking if he is not my real father. You know Muammar small me big. It does not fit. Mummy let me know the Truth. Anyhow am happy with my size. And if my partner is not happy with me I will give her / him a gift like You can find here below. A golden painted Obamarator. Its very handy I have been told. Am busy just now in Tripoli. Wait patient just some days and the Business is mine. Oil is important You know. Yours Saif.


Obamarator is the best Gift One can have. Its simple and do not drink oil. A lubricanted thing You know.


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